We sometimes have very spoilt kittens available to suitable adoring homes. All the babies are brought up indoors. For the first few weeks in our bedroom, and then they move down to the kitchen where they all quickly manage to get up by the Aga, which they believe is always on just for their benefit. As they get a little older they invade the rest of the house, always seeking the best places such as where the sun shines through the windows, or about the wood burner, but best of all the lap!

Temperament is so important, and well socialized kittens make happy well adjusted cats.

We breed for type, health and temperment and strive towards that look that we love, but it is very difficult when balancing all these elements together, especially when coat pattern and length is taken into consideration. I am not fussy about the colour, I think it would be impossible if I added colour into the equation as well. Our next aims are to breed white Balinese, a project that keeps alluding us, and to improve the silver shading in the Oriental Longhairs.

Kittens are ready to leave from 13 weeks of age having had their vaccinations. For enquiries about kittens please phone or email and let me know what you are looking for.

Feel free to contact us!

Prospective owners are always encouraged to visit, if for no other reason but to see if you could live with one of our demons.

Contact Pippa for details of available kittens