Pippastro Flower Fairy 'Evelyn'

Blue Tortie Point Balinese

Pippastro Legally Blonde 'Blondie'

Cream Point Balinese

Mimazali Damselfly'Nelly'

Chocolate Tortie Silver Shaded Oriental Longhair Variant

Ada Magis Hecate'Hecate'

Green-Eyed White Oriental Longhair

Pippastro Flip Flop'Flip Flop'

Blue Tortie Balinese

Xynderella Melody of Noah's Ark 'Xynderella'

Lilac Tabby Point Balinese (61ct)

Xynderella, my wonderful girl from my dear friend Angelika.

Pippastro Nimue Pendragon 'Klepto'

Chocolate Tabby OLH (62 20b)

The thief.

Pippastro Tiziano 'Schnapps'

Chocolate Tortie Silver Shaded OLH (62 43hs)

Schnapps has a lovely high silver coat and produces some wonderful babies.

Pippastro Black Tamarin 'Nonny'

Black Tortie OLH (62 21)

Pippastro Funny Bunny 'Bunny'

Caramel Tortie Shaded OLH Variant (62 43pv)